Last update: Nov 2020
General Questions
Q1: What is Primary Care?
Primary care is the first level of care in the whole healthcare system and the first point of contact for individuals and families in a continuing healthcare process. Primary care provides comprehensive, person-centred, continuing and co-ordinated and preventive care close to the community where people live and work.
Primary care contributes to the health of the population and covers a wide range of services which includes:
  • health promotion;
  • prevention of acute and chronic diseases;
  • health risk assessment and disease identification;
  • treatment and care for acute and chronic diseases;
  • self-management support; and
  • rehabilitative, supportive and palliative care for disability or end-stage diseases
Q2: What is the Primary Care Directory?
A2: Primary Care Directory ("the Directory") is a web-based electronic database containing practice information and professional qualification of primary care providers in the community to facilitate the public to search for their own doctors, dentists and Chinese medicine practitioners.

The Directory was first launched in April 2011 with sub-directories for doctors and dentists; followed by the sub-directory for Chinese medicine practitioners which was launched in October 2012.
Q3: Who are eligible for enrolment in the Directory?
A3: Registered doctors, dentists and practising Chinese medicine practitioners (CMPs) in Hong Kong who are committed to providing directly accessible, comprehensive, continuing, co-ordinated and person-centred primary care services are eligible for enrolment in the Directory.
Q4: How can I use the Directory?
A4: You may use the search function in the Directory and base on your selection criteria, such as clinic location, clinic opening hours, etc. to find a primary care doctor, dentist or Chinese medicine practitioner (CMP) who suits you.

If you already have your family doctors, dentists or CMPs, you may also search their updated information in the Directory.

Please refer to the "Search Demonstration" on the website for details.
Q5: How often is the Directory being updated?
A5: Enrolled primary care providers can update their information online anytime. You can check the "Date of Last Update" shown at the bottom of the webpage of individual primary care provider in the Directory.
Q6: Why is there another name in bracket behind the name of some primary care providers?
A6: For doctors and dentists, the name shown in bracket is the commonly used name or Christian name; while for Chinese medicine practitioners, the name in bracket is the name "Also Known As" which is contained in the List of Chinese Medicine Practitioners maintained by the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong.
Q7: Whom may I contact if I need more information?
You may contact the Primary Healthcare Office of the Food and Health Bureau by the following means:
Tel. No.: 3576 3658
Fax No.: 3583 4549
Email Address: pho@fhb.gov.hk
Address: Primary Healthcare Office
Food and Health Bureau
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Unit 1505-06, 15/F, THE HUB
23 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong