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Reactivation of Account in the Primary Care Directory

(Applicable to doctors only)

Criteria of Reactivation of Account

Doctors whose accounts in the Directory have been inactivated and wish to reactivate the account must fulfill the following criteria:
(a) Doctors who are specialists shall be listed in the Specialist Register of the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK).
(b) Doctors who are non-specialists shall have obtained:
(i) CME Certificate issued by the MCHK Note for the past calendar year preceding the application; or
(ii) CME information provided by the CME Programme Administrators certifying that the CME points accumulated in the past calendar year have met the minimum requirement for the MCHK CME certification Note.
Note: MCHK CME certification requires accumulation of 30 or more CME points in a year, among which a maximum of 20 credit points can be awarded for self-study per year. Please refer to the Guidelines on Credit Point System of the Continuing Medical Education Programme for Practising Doctors who are not taking CME Programme for Specialists of the MCHK (

Application Procedures

1. Click the link to download the Application Form “Application for Reactivation of Account in the Primary Care Directory ”.
2. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the Primary Care Directory (available at, “Notes on Application for Reactivation of Account in the Primary Care Directory” in the Application Form and all other related relevant documents with respect to the Directory.
3. Input or write down personal particulars and other required information in Parts I and II of the Application Form.
4. Sign the Application Form for undertaking and declaration as set out in Part III of the Application Form.
5. Submit the completed and signed Application Form to the Primary Care Office of the Department of Health by fax (3583 4549), email ( or post (Room 1008, 10/F, Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong).

The Department of Health will use the information submitted by the applicant, the MCHK and/or the CME Programme Administrators approved by the MCHK or the organisation specified in Part II of the Application Form to assess the eligibility of reactivation of account in the Directory.
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